Thursday, 30 October 2014

Foreword - Bhooli Bisri Khatti Meethi Sunheri Yaadein - Autobiography by Ashok Goyal

Right Facing Swastika to evoke Shakti  the Sacred Force in Hindu Religion
Ashok Goyal

Autobiography is not the story of a life; it is the recreation or the self discovery. In writing of experiences, you will discover yourself, and in the writing you will create the pattern you seem to have lived. Often, of course, autobiography is merely a collection of well-rehearsed anecdotes; but, intelligently written, it is the revelation, to the reader and the writer, of the writer's conception of the life he or she has lived. Simply put, autobiography is a reckoning.

Why I started writing an Autobiography? What is the purpose? 

- to leave a message to Future Generations.
- to pass on My Heritage.
- to put closure to a period or any Episode.
- to process and share  My Experiences as Sharing is Caring.
- to preserve My Family History.
- to share what and who You are?

"Autobiographies have been written since A.D. 400 when an early Christian leader, Saint Augustine, wrote his." An autobiography is information about one's own life written by that one person. In it, it tells what that person's life is all about. When writing your own autobiography, use interesting facts to explain as much about yourself as you can.

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