Monday, 10 November 2014

Adsense revenue share program at IndiaStudyChannel

By: Ashok Goyal
Learn to Earn - Educational Portal launched by the webmaster Tony John is offering a genuine revenue sharing program for students and housewives. I have already registered and started using it. You will get 90% of the revenue share for:
  • Post your previous years university question papers.
  • Contribute questions with answers to online exams & test section in various subjects.
  • Submit information about your college and invite classmates.
  • Submit educational news & announcements from various sources including news papers and university websites.
  • Participate in the discussion forum.
To get started, you can register as a member in and start posting content to various sections. This is genuine program, approved by Google. Your share of revenue will be sent to you directly by Google.When you join for Google AdSense revenue sharing program at IndiaStudyChannel  please use user id (webquestionanswers) in the Referrer column.

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