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Alert - Social Net Working Sites - Responsibilities

Year 2012 and 2013 will be known as "Blogging Year in India" as more and more responsible citizens of India are switching to online expressions of their views and experiences. "My INDIA" has huge potential  to explore and the Great Indian Population has the capability to add New Chapters for online development. This is the proper time when when the Indian Government enacts laws in such a way that such online contributors get their share of remuneration as Multi National Companies will be exploiting this platform to market their products and without any review ratings available in India - the gullible online community in India can be taken for a ride even by  unscrupulous elements from the world over. Indian Govt. needs to enact laws ab initio so that the interests of Indian Online Community are protected  as Individuals can not fight the Big Corporate and by themselves they are not so generous that they will pass on any benefits to the Individuals. Now Social websites like Facebook are creating ripples in the Youngsters and the Young Minds without suspecting their ulterior motives are increasing their Circles Geometrically - and such contacts are being used by social networking sites to market the products of Multi National Companies - in which the owners of social networking sites may be the business Partners. I raise the following questions which need to be answered by all the Social Networking Sites and Law Enforcing Agencies in India :

1.  While creating ID on the Social Networking Sites - Why such sites do not ask for any      Voter ID  , PAN/Passport ID    which can be verified online. I feel any institution dealing with any person - may it be College/University enrolling a student, An employer recruiting an employee, Social Networking Site creating a Social ID, End Product High Value Item say with value more than INR 10000 being sold to a Purchaser must insist for ID with photograph proof which can be verified online.

2.  If the above becomes true then Facebook ID's can also serve as ID and Address Proofs.

3.  Social Net Working Sites say that they are contributing a good part of their REVENUE to charities. Can such social networking sites publish the following information on the their Home Page or "About Us" or "Mission Statement" page :

Total Revenue through marketing Learned Revenue        Donated to Charities     
Services and Products say ===1234567890000       say 10% = 123456789000
Now Country Wise (Share)        Absolute Value          %age Share
(Region Wise)=====================
                            All Countries (even zero value)
   Break Up :   Developed Countries =======
                    Developing Countries======
                    Under Developed and======
                    Poor Countries.===========
   Break Up :  Democratic Countries======
                   Other Countries===========

All Social Networking Sites claim to have an enormous data base and also claim that they are for the Social Cause. Will they come up to my expectations to publish their above data and if it is already available then where it is. I end up my writing that Social Sites need to be :

For the Society, Of the Society and By the Society. If Individuals do not subscribe to Social Networking Sites - their very existence will be at stake. This million dollar question and will be the "Question of the near Future".

I am not against the Social Networking Sites but I just want these sites to share their pie of Social Responsibilities towards Nations, Communities and the Mankind.

I researched for the Very First Blogger in this Universe but ended in logging to a Cloning Site, which I wanted to share but for the fact that it might not spread Viruses or Spams. My motive , to find the First Blogger and date of Blogging , was to announce the DAY as Bloggers Day.

Happy Blogging to everyone.   

Google Fan    ( The Article earlier published on 27/09/2012 is updated today 20th April,2013.)                                                         

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