Monday, 10 November 2014

All Secrets Out - Build Your Personal Website in Two Hours

I am sure you must have done the basics for Journey towards making a Personal Website by know. Now we guide you step by step. I assure you that building a site is less than 2 hours job. On 11 Sept.,2012  - I conceived the idea of launching a "Consumer Protection" site for the Public . Believe it or not - I launched the site within one and a half hour and I not only published it on the web but us directed  the Google Adsense traffic, deep linking by Info links  so as to earn revenue in addition to my own website's advertisement at the bottom of it. Promote yourself is the key to success. Now do as under :

1. Visit the site and sign in with your Gmail ID. Blogger site will prompt you to create a New Blog of your own.Think of an attractive name . Selecting the name of the Blog is very important as Search Engines and Pushed ads catch the key words of your Name of the Blog, Description of the Blog ,and the topics on which you get noticed by Search Engines as Search Engine Optimization will be your biggest task when you are live on the web.

2. While writing this article I tried the name for example  "Team Google India" with Domain Address : - which is available. When you decide such names you are supposed to provide technical know how to the Public as the very name suggests it. I am sure wisely selected Title Names and Domain address with similarity with the Title Name will be helpful in future.

3. The Message says : (I am doing it actually parallel)

Team Google India                         

Your Blog has been Created, Start Posting/Dismiss 

Do not make Haste. Neither Dismiss nor Start Blogging at this moments. You are to build a Castle (Blog),whose foundation depends on Layout, Template , Your own Logos and Cover Page (called Home Page) for your Blog.If your foundation is strong and layout of the rooms to accommodate your articles , ads and above all navigation for your readers - you will feel proud. Choose Template and Layout before you decide to go for publishing on the web.
4. After the pencil mark you will find this   icon along-with a drop down menu .Click the Drop Down menu and go to template .Click Template - click customize - select Awesome Inc. and select an template.Go to the Layout and to get best results (based on my experience)  select Body Layout No.2 from Given layout with Header and side Bar and Footer Layout No.3 with three footers. Simple lay out adjusts to requirements.

5. Then Go to width adjustments with entire blog =1200 and right bar = 350. This is best suited for ads to appear.

6. Apply to the Blog and View the empty Blog . Now check out and try other designs and be conversant with Lay Out and Designs . Do not work in haste .By clicking customization you can change the colour schemes.,font size and type etc etc.

 Oh yes, Try Google Drive, Pixir - Photoshop , visit sites and blogs, right click the images, texts and photographs - you will be prompted to Copy Image, Copy Image URL, Copy and Save Link, Save Image as a target on your PC folder. We will make your familiar with everything - required after  launching the Blog - that is submitting of sitemap in webmaster tools and Google analytic s and how to burn feeds and above all to ensure that Search Engines do not ignore your Blog . In the meantime go through the Bloggingwithoutablog a Genius and featured Blog 
by Lady Barbara - You must meet her. It will encourage you to think that You Can do it.

 Happy Blogging.   
Ashok Goyal - Self Made Web Designer.

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