Monday, 10 November 2014

Beware of Using Facebook Applications

By: Ashok Goyal
In the first week of May,2013 I received a facebook message purportedly to have been sent by one of my friends who left for heavenly abode three months ago. I was not only stunned but the message reminded me of my friend at a time when I was not at all mentally ready to see such message. I thought as to how this could have happened. Then struck me that while using the facebook applications we have become habitual in allowing access to our Google or other Gmail, Yahoo Mail accounts wherein facebook application asks us to accept few terms and conditions, which also include posting message on your behalf to your facebook friends or friends of friends as per your Privacy Settings. As even after sending feedback to facebook no action was taken to do away with posting such dummy messages by facebook I immediately posed similar question at HubPages to the fellow hubbers. I am not only hopeful but sure that it will spark a discussion forcing the facebook to implement the suggestion put forward by me to not to allow dummy posting of messages on behalf of the facebook users even after the user has left for heavenly abode.

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