Monday, 10 November 2014

Do You Want To work on Genealogies Project in India

By: Ashok Goyal

Family Scrolls at Hardwar
While writing autobiography, I came across Free Family History and Genealogy Records dated back to the period 1887-1958 relating to Moga in Punjab. I could not find the source as to how these records were procured by the Family Search Organisation as I am a non technical person who likes to share his researches on the web with more intelligent and learned people. The family Search Organisation has done a wonderful research work and there way of presentation is par excellence. It inspired me to make a similar database for India and  which can be used by the future generations to know their family roots. In India there are many places, like Hardwar, in various states who preserve the Family Records. Preparation and Preservation of Such Family Records in India can be a Big IT Project to work upon. I am in the process of preparing a road map for creating such records in India which will be very useful for the future generation. If you have the inclination send us your comments below along with your strategic contribution towards the project. Mention your qualifications and at least 4-5 ideas as to how can you contribute in the project. Your comments will be responded ASAP. 

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