Monday, 10 November 2014

Do You wish to own Adsense API Host Site

By: Ashok Goyal
If you are an experienced blogger with technical skills then a great opportunity is waiting for you in the shape of Google Adsense API Host site. But if you are only tech savy then services of experienced blogger are available for you. I am an already approved adsense publisher and wish to venture into a professional site as an adsense API host site but I do not possess the required skills to convert my dream into reality. I am already authoring articles at IndiaStudyChannel, one of the best educational site in India and HubPages, a globally established site. Both the sites are adsense API host sites approved by the great Google

If you are inclined to contact me through Google+ or Contact form above, you are welcome. Just mention your credentials which are verifiable. In the meantime you can go through the full article at IndiaStudyChannel. You can also read all my articles at My Every Minute Diary.

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