Monday, 10 November 2014

General Amnesty-Building India of My Dreams-Let us start afresh

In our previous article ,I had discussed "How can we achieve it in India" but it is a very complex situation as the whole Indian Society needs to undergo a "Change of Heart" so that every micro unit of the society is involved in the process of transformation of India to India of My DreamsNo doubt we got Independence on 15th Aug.1947 but true Independence   will be attained after introspection by every Indian  into the past 67 years of Independent India. Today all-round Dissatisfaction, Greed, Corruption, Selfishness and above all erosion of Faith in the Family Values/Selfless Society/ Humanity are the basic questions which do not permit Individuals/Society  to transform whole heartily and the Social Evils are spreading their wings-creating all-round frustration at the grass root levels of the vast diversified Indian Society. Sometimes even honest efforts on the part of the Individuals/Social Workers/ Sate and Central Govt. are seen with suspicion.

To Achieve or Restart a National Building Process - Bold steps need to be taken by His Excellency the President of India (May it be based on Consensus or Referendum):

  • General Amnesty : H.E.President of India may announce a Scheme of General Amnesty because it is felt that that bringing citizens into compliance with a law is more important than punishing them for their past offenses.
  • General Amnesty may be extended to All Indian Nationals residing in India on the date of announcement of General Amnesty and coming back to India during period of amnesty but need not be extended to Foreign Nationals. For granting General Amnesty to Hard Core Criminals H.E. can devise special ways and means on merit and the willingness of such Criminals.The step in itself will make the law enforcing agencies, Judiciaries - comfortable enough to start afresh as per the overhauled New Legal System  and One Time Option for the Individuals to be a part of New India of My Dreams. No Mercy needs to be extended to individuals who repeat their SINS for which they availed Amnesty.However those who do not wish to avail Amnesty be clearly told that they will have to face New Legal Regime where there will no space for crimes against the society. 
  • General Amnesty -needs to be simultaneously implemented  at all levels that is i) National Level  ii) Community Level  iii) Religious Level, iv) State Level  v) Linguistic Level, vi) Society Level, vii) City and Gram Panchayat viii) Local Street, Mohalla level and above all at the Personal Family Level. You will appreciate that we try our level best to bring a family member back to the family mainstream - Similarly if efforts are made at all levels whole heartily I do not see any reason for the individuals/communities/societies going astray from the National Mainstream.Under the Scheme of General Amnesty all economic offences  may be DROPPED so as cleanse the system and Time Bound Programmes be announced for Voluntary Disclosure of Hidden Assets and Black Money as a one time measure and for future all properties of the law breaker must be confiscated and put to Public Use.
  • New Laws need to be strict enough to work as DETERRENT 
  • However  before announcing any such General Amnesty - the existing Laws of the Land need to be revisited/reviewed thoroughly as these laws failed to protect the citizens of India and became redundant with the passage of time.New Laws of the Land must impose Severe Exemplary Punishment even for non-adherence of Responsibilities Citizens.

The whole exercise is a soul searching exercise and  collective national effort is required to profess/publicize/accept it as a First Step toward Making India of My Dreams. All our Local/State/Central Level Leaders, Hon'ble members of the Rajya Sabha, Senior Citizens from Judiciary, Sports, Learner Speakers like Gurdev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of Art of Living, Baba Ramdev, Representatives of each religion that is Shankracharya   of Hindus, Akal Takht Jathedar for Sikhs, Imam of highest seat of Islam in India and of course Bishop of Church, all these visionaries are mature enough to decide collectively the future of India of My Dreams .

I invite dignitaries like Justice Markandey Katju who are more intelligent and may be more sincere than me - to add new Dimensions to my Ideas. History will remember such contributors in the making India of My Dreams.
By: Ashok Goyal

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