Monday, 10 November 2014

India of My Dreams - General Amnesty - Spade Work and After Impact

In my previous article "General Amnesty-Building India of My Dreams-Let us start afresh" I had proposed for declaration of General Amnesty by H.E.President of India. No doubt it is very easy to suggest or propose then to implement it. I will be discussing in detail the Spade Work to be done before declaration and its after impacts. India is not devoid of Self Less Leaders and nothing is impossible if all forces work in one direction as forces working in opposite direction will provide Zero Resultant Net Force. Even forces not working in the same direction (working in different directions - other than in opposite directions) will give a Resultant lesser in magnitude as compared to the resultant achieved when all forces work in exactly Same Direction.National Political Leaders from all Parties need to work together so as to nullify the forces of internal and external friction (Opposition).I will be writing tomorrow about My Ideas for Spade Work to be done before declaration of General Amnesty for which H.E.President of India can call for Public Participation. Sometimes we have to take hard decision - which may not be liked presently - but will be admired and remembered in the future. Stay Connected for our next release - as India of My Dreams - has to be converted into India of Our Dreams.

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