Monday, 10 November 2014

Speak Truth and Forget - My Quotable Quote

By: Ashok Goyal
We are living a modern world with more and more challenges of life. Mutual Trust is eroding day by day. Due to inter connectivity we are interacting with more and more people in the virtual world of social networks. Mobiles and internet has made it possible for us to contact any individual. It is my experience that mobile and internet communications are being used as a source of cheating of telling lies while communicating without fear of being recorded, getting traced by locations of I.P. addresses of devices used. If you are to make any recovery from your debtor then it is very difficult to contact the person as either he will not pick up the mobile or give a false reply. We need to spread a culture based upon truthfulness as the modern technology can catch you immediately if you are telling a lie. Why in today's modern world there is need of more CCTV's, Recordings, I.P.Addresses? It is all due to increase in crimes and downgraded social values. 

Most of the educated younger generation, aware of all the consequences, is becoming straight forward and true. It is a welcome change. While communicating when you speak or write truth, you need not remember your words as what you said or wrote. If you are true from the core of your heart then nothing can frighten you and you will feel fearless. But never speak such a truth which can cause hurt to others. If we call a physically handicapped person as blind or lame then it is definitely to cause hurt. No one can escape telling a lie at a moment of time as even Yudhisthira had to tell a lie during the Mahabharata. While editing and publishing this article I am telling a lie. Can you smell out what it is? It is the location of this writing as New Delhi instead of my actual location that is Rajpura Punjab India. This is not going to harm any body in anyways. Why arose the need to tell a lie. Number one - it is the virtual world and here you are driven by search engines and key words and to find a favor with search engines is called a trick. The blogger platform allows you to blog without your actual location and it will show your location as India as your default location. I used to use my actual location but this will not find favor with search engines and that is why I changed it to California, USA to find favors with search engines by targeting audiences in USA. Do you still feel that I am telling a lie? if yes send your comments. I don't like to be liked, shared or followed on the web.

Based upon the philosophy that one need not remember his utterances/writings if the same are true I have chosen "Speak Truth and Forget" as my quotable quote with my published work. Follow if you have the similar thinking and ideology. 

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