Monday, 10 November 2014

Start Your Own Blog - Learn to Earn, Online or Offline by Ethical Means

Soon we are launching a Help Line to Solve the problems faced by the New Bloggers. Based on our experience we will be sharing fine TIPS and TRICKS so as to make you comfortable with the Blogger Tricks and "Earning Online" Tricks.

Tutorial No.WQA-1 : First of all create your Gmail ID, Google + Profile and Yahoo Mail ID by providing correct details .You can Create Yahoo Mail ID by signing with GMail ID. Think of the name of the Blog site say Web Question Answers . The name must be attractive and match with the content you want to put up on your blog site. This step is very important as you will be able to write on subjects in which you have the expertise or interest. Even added interest in the topic you choose will not bore you while browsing the information and putting it on your Google + Page and Blog site. Security Settings must be done as the Google Site will guide you Step-by-Step. Back up email Id's must be given if your Mail Id is either Hijacked or you loose your Password.Back up Phone Numbers may also be provided. Set the Location of your PC or Laptop via GOOGLE MAPS .Prefer Google + Page to be Public so that Public can add  you in their Public Circles .You need not add them or unknown or unliked persons in your Circles  If done - let us Proceed Further.......  
Tutorial No.WQA-2 : Now visit FACEBOOK by signing in with Gmail ID.Visit every item and Set your own parameters. Create Personal Profile and Page Profile with same name as given to Google + Page (Personal or Business). It will help in our Journey as Syndication (Linking) of Blog Site, Facebook Page and Google + Page will enable you to write at one place say Blog Site and it will be published/shared on Facebook , Google + also automatically. For next Procedures we will be writing on 12-Sep-2012 so that by that time our readers customize themselves with the above and ask any questions.

It is very Easy to launch your own Website with no prior knowledge.Simply you are to start with a Blog of your own and upgrade/migrate to Website. When a retired person like me can do it, YOU CAN ALSO DO IT. But you are to do the job by heart. Note down the problems and solve one by one.Give Feedback to Google who will make your  journey easier by customizing your Dashboard. Google Drive is my Favourite. With Google Applications you can do everything for FREE and you will not need any other HELP.

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