Monday, 10 November 2014

Suwidha Centres - Step towards E-Governence - Revnue Rorcords for Banks

Government of India is fast Moving towards E-Governance and similarly all the State Governments are Moving in that direction.

Suwidha Centres: Such Suwidha Centres are meant to Weed out corruption through Agents and Middle-Men ( though I feel Middlemen and agents are Moving freely in such Suvidha Centres and there is no security check to identify the genuine visitors to such Suvidha Centres and as such Public falls prey priced such Middlemen and agents ) . State / Central Government's sincere efforts are UNDONE BY such unscrupulous Elements in the Society. Public can Check online status for following services:                                 
No doubt such information is available on Govt. Websites - but awareness in Brief is brought to you by Web Question Answers .

Bank check CAN  Revenue Records  ONLINE FOR GRANTING Fresh LOANS AND Checking  existing MUTATIONS:  Sample Mutations - Open to Public and Banks for granting Loans and facilitating  Fraud Free Sale Purchase  transactions. Banks and Owners can file  their objections within stipulated period. Revenue Records  in Punjab can be got  RECTIFIED  and Banks can get their  Mutations Entered
Note: The Punjab governmeta Web site and revenue records for one-month trial run
has been uploaded. If apaji regarding your account surplus seems no shortage
of information "requested to amend the record" for one month through a link
. Circle Revenue Officer relevant request for correction in a month I
will resolve. Related party hovogi responsibility after
correction of errors and has plunged to record that he will have to be according to the legal provisions in force.

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