Monday, 10 November 2014

Web Question Answers Ready to Step Forward

It is almost two years back when a simple blog at Web Question Answers decided to have top level domain name of its own from eNom, a US based domain registrars, through . Top level domain was decided to be taken after Google Adsense approved us as an Adsense Publisher. I believe in the fact that Slow and steady wins the Race. Now, having learnt the intricacies of Blogging, Googling, Google Products, Adsense and AdWords almost completely, which even a fresher IT engineer or web designer may envy, I have decided to expand my activities in such a way so as to start a web designing and educational site of my own with the sole aim of providing employment to fresher ITI or other diploma holder web designers on pure no profit no loss venture. To fulfill my dream I have taken three year web hosting premium plan from HostGator India on 24th July,2013 along with transfer of my domain name to HostGator. We are also switching to Clouding Technology at My Cloud Links so that our readers can access our scattered articles on the web at one unified publishing platform. Earning Money and to know all about money matters, I have also upgraded my blog on money matters to top level domain at Money Multiplier India, which has also been thrown open to Guest Authors from other geographical locations. We are getting numerous requests from Guest Authors to publish their unique articles but due to lack of resources and manpower, we are finding it difficult to accommodate the Guest Authors and to enable the Guest Authors to post their articles and resources we have made it possible for the authors to have their own profile with free subdomain on our top level domain. 

We are in need of technical partners, editors and webmasters without any investment, who can contribute their might to develop the site so as to become its partners in ownership. Google is supporting us in our venture and I personally acknowledge the platforms provided by the great Google ,the most transparent internet giant. Our partners, editors and webmasters will enjoy certain privileges over and above the ordinary members. To apply for becoming partner, webmaster or editor at one needs to be an ordinary member of the site for at least 90 days and he or she must have contributed at least 10 articles and an active member in the Forum Section of the site.

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