Monday, 10 November 2014

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Web Question Answers is a social web portal providing a range of web-based resources on the best blogging system. It was founded by Ashok Goyal  in July 2012. The portal offers information on blogs about Health Tips, Job opportunities, Utilities, Entertainment, Tourism, Law Matters, Published Judgments, Social Security, Online Security for Financial Transactions, Taxation, Insurance, Loans, Banking and Investments, RBI Policy and Latest News, Tourism, Travel, Fashion, Blogging Tips and Guest Blogging. The portal is to be upgraded to a professional questions answers site along with job information.
The site participates in the Google Adsense program, sharing 100% of Adsense revenues to its users, and pays some of its contributors directly. Contributions are editorially reviewed. Currently this portal is functional with its Founder Team headed by Ashok Goyal and is almost ready to take off by 30th April, 2013 when highly skilled editors and a few backup and trainee editors are to be employed by the founders.
Along with its Adsense revenue sharing program, WebQuestionAnswers also plans to have Kontera revenue sharing program too. '' is destined to be as India's top ranked social website in the Alexa rankings.[1]

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