Thursday, 9 January 2020

Fashion and Beauty - Monsoon Tips

Latest Monsoon trends in ladies footwear :

Her Highness to start with, monsoon footwear can really be fashionable. Unless you have a lot of chasing buses to do, a smart high-heeled shoe will work for you - anything that raises you a good 2-inches off the soaked street. Platforms keep you high and mighty, and stilettos stand tall, as long as they're not made of suede, the Lady In Waiting.

Even during the monsoons, when others trooped in, lugging water-logged boats on their feet, She tottered around in dainty strappy satin heels, her feet always looking freshly pedicured. Her secret was out when someone else noticed her walking in the earliest, in a pair of old boots. She'd get into office, push them into a bag at her feet, and pull out her dainties for the day. Not a bad idea, at all   !!!!!!

Try these tips for healthy skin this monsoon.

1. Use a soap-free cleanser. Also, once in three days, scrub your skin with a gentle scrub to get rid of the dead cells.
2. This season, follow up with an alcohol-free toner as the increased humidity opens up the pores.
3. Make time for a face pack and body scrub, once a week (see next page).
4. Use a light lotion or serum. Look for lactic acid among the ingredients - it brightens up the skin.
5. Don't miss the sunscreen even if the day is cloudy. UV rays can penetrate the clouds.
6. Shun heavy makeup - you don't want raccoon eyes if caught in the rain.
7. Use water-proof makeup, if you must.
8. Opt for a light mousse, a matte compact or just a few drops of calamine lotion mixed with your moisturizer as a makeup base.
9. Drink lots of fluids Ensure your skin is well hydrated.

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