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Brand Names are not established in a day or two. It takes a long time to get established as a Brand Name. We make friends after thorough testing and testing through hard times and Trust is reposed in only a few friends. Changing the locality is like divorcing a life partner when you are convinced that it is difficult to pull on with the relationship anymore. That is why Big Brands build up customer relationships not only to retain their existing customers and followers but also to build up communities of loyal customers and followers. Based upon this ideology, we launched Web Question Answers under Brand Name as wqaindia with first three letters denoting the name of our website followed by country of our origin, as we firmly believe that we must love our country where we are born. One must feel proud to be an Indian, American or British as it conveys the sense of belonging, rather calling as Asian or European which conveys the meaning denoting regional isolation in the Global Community. Whenever we come across Brands, either we reject it or we accept it. Acceptance is a form of recommendation, which popularizes the Brands in a small region within a country, throughout a country or nation, world regions or around the Globe and based upon such popularity Brands get marked as regional brands within a country, national brands, regional brands in the world or Global brand. We do not boast to be a global brand name though we may have followers and admirers in other countries too. The trust reposed by our admirers or followers inspires us to perform better on this platform of sharing knowledge. We do not manufacture products but we do manufacture Ideas and the readers have given us the strength to increase our installed capacity of manufacturing brand new ideas. That is the reason we have chosen the caption Your Trust Our Inspiration along with our Triangular Logo for Web Question Answers where questions are answered by experts to generate more questions to be answered further by super duper experts and the cycle goes on towards an endless journey.

Ashok Goyal
Web Question Answers
A community of Real People

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